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Marvin Gaye ‎- You're The Man

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Marvin Gaye ‎– You're The Man (Motown UMe B0029345-01 / Tamla T316L, 2019)



A1 You're The Man 5:45
A2 The World Is Rated X 3:50
A3 Piece Of Clay 5:10
A4 Where Are We Going 3:53

B1 I’m Gonna Give You Respect 2:55
B2 Try It, You'll Like It 3:55
B3 You Are That Special One 3:35
B4 We Can Make It Baby 3:20

C1 My Last Chance 3:40
C2 Symphony 2:52
C3 I'd Give My Life For You 3:31
C4 Woman Of The World 3:30
C5 Christmas In The City (Instrumental) 3:48

D1 You're The Man (Version 2) 4:40
D2 I Want To Come Home For Christmas 4:48
D3 I'm Going Home (Move) 4:38
D4 Checking Out (Double Clutch) 4:50

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Info sur l'album

Marvin Gaye (02 avril 1939 - 01 avril 1984)

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You're The Man is a posthumous studio album by Marvin Gaye, originally intended to be released in 1972 as the follow-up to What's Going On.
It was released on March 29, 2019, through Motown, Universal Music Enterprises, and Universal Music Group to celebrate what would have been Gaye's 80th birthday on April 2, 2019.
The album includes the single of the same name, as well as the intended original album in full and other songs Gaye recorded at the time.

You're The Man was intended as another socially conscious record like What's Going On (1971), but following the release of its lead single, the title track "You're The Man", Gaye cancelled its release.
This was in part due to the reception of the song, as well as the fact that Gaye's political views were different to those of Motown founder Berry Gordy. For these reasons, You're The Man was long considered a lost album.

15 of the 17 songs have not previously been released on vinyl, but most were made available on CD compilations over the years.
The album will include a longer take of "I Want To Come Home For Christmas", which was first made available in 1990 after being recorded in 1972.
The physical release of the album includes liner notes written by David Ritz.
Source : ... er/1524265


Existe en format CD :study:


1. You're The Man
2. The World Is Rated X
3. Piece Of Clay
4. Where Are We Going?
5. I'm Gonna Give You Respect
6. Try It, You'll Like It
7. You Are That Special One
8. We Can Make It Baby
9. My Last Chance
10. Symphony
11. I'd Give My Life For You
12. Woman Of The World
13. Christmas In The City
14. You're The Man
15. I Want To Come Home For Christmas
16. I'm Going Home
17. Checking Out (Double Clutch)



Marvin Gaye - "You're The Man" (A1) / (N°1) :love1:

Marvin Gaye - "The World Is Rated X" (A1) / (N°1) :love1: :dling: :trumpet" :love1:

Il y a quelque chose de sensuelle, fleur de peau, dans la rythmique mais aussi de dramatique, intense... FRISSONS

Marvin Gaye - "Piece Of Clay" (A3) / (N°3) :love1: :drunk:

Titre sensible avec ce piano profond additionné de cette voix si reconnaissable, à la fois fluide, soft, douce, séductrice, touchante... et qui achève quand il pousse ce cri (2mn13 / 4mn06 / 4mn26) :love1: de gorge à vendre son âme rien que pour entendre cette note vocale encore et encore.

Marvin Gaye - "Where Are We Going" (A4) / (N°4)


:discjokey: EXTRAITS :arrow: ICI.


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