BDQ – Truth In My Tears / Wasn’t It You

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BDQ – Truth In My Tears / Wasn’t It You

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BDQ – Truth In My Tears / Wasn’t It You (BDQ Records BDQ004, 2023)



A Truth In My Tears 3:13
(White, Sanderson)
(Musique : Bunn, DeBrett, Corcoran, Auger, Martin)

B Wasn’t It You 2:52


Stephen Bunn
John Debrett
Alan Barnes
Neil Corcoran
Roger Beaujolais

Artistes additionnels
Lydia Sharpe : chant (A, B)
Brian Auger : Hammond B3 (A)


Bunny Jon and Lydia – The BDQ a écrit :
Here we go people! Our second 45, "Truth in my Tears", is about to land and this time joining BDQ is the one and only, legendary Hammond God, Brian Auger! Yes, you read right, Legendary Hammond God, Brian Auger. This man is the real deal and one of the reasons we are making music today, we are beyond humbled and honoured! Joining Brian, we are chuffed once again to have the brilliant Lydia Sharpe on vocals and boy oh boy what a vocal, Lydia is on fire here! We absolutely cannot wait for you to hear this sublime dance floor banger!

Honouring another one of our musical heroes, The Action, the other side brings you, "Wasn’t it You", one of our favourite songs by one of the most amazing British bands of the 60s! Joining us we have our Lydia on vocals and musical masters Neil Corcoran, Bryn Barklam and Alistair Martin, all adding their brilliance to this track!

We could not be happier with these 2 dance floor smashers and reckon they will absolutely fly out. This is a limited 45 release and there will be NO REPRESS!
Source : Bunny Jon and Lydia – The BDQ

45T paru le 21 avril 2023.

BunnDebrettQuintet = BDQ


Face A

BDQ_2023_"Truth In My Tears"

Face B

BDQ_2023_ "Wasn’t It You"




-->BDQ – "Could This Be Love" / "Bad Girl" (BDQ Records BDQ003, 2023)

-->BDQ – "Truth In My Tears" / "Wasn’t It You" (BDQ Records BDQ004, 2023)

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