Various – Mainstream Funk : Funk, Soul, Spiritual Jazz 1971-75

Funk, Soul, Deep Funk, Deep Soul, Soul Funk…

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Various – Mainstream Funk : Funk, Soul, Spiritual Jazz 1971-75

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Various - Mainstream Funk - Funk, Soul, Spiritual Jazz 1971-75 Produced by Bob Shad's Mainstream Records
:arrow: (WeWantSounds WWSLP37, 2022) 2 x LP
:arrow: (WeWantSounds WWSCD37, 2022) CD


Titres LP

A1 Sarah Vaughan – Inner City Blues
A2 Buddy Terry – Quiet Afternoon

B1 Blue Mitchell – Last Tango In Paris
B2 LaMont Johnson – M’Bassa
B3 Prophecy – Betcha Can’t Guess My Sign
B4 Dave Hubbard – Family Affair

C1 Sugar Billy – Super Duper Love [Part 1]
C2 John White – Right Off
C3 Mike Longo – Matrix

D1 Barry Miles – Little Heart of Pieces
D2 Johnny Coles – Betty’s Bossa
D3 Pete Yellin – It’s The Right Thing

Titres CD

1. Sarah Vaughan - Inner City Blues 4:10
2. Buddy Terry - Quiet Afternoon 10:13
3. Blue Mitchell - Last Tango In Paris 2:49
4. LaMont Johnson - M'Bassa 7:18
5. Prophecy - Betcha Can't Guess My Sign 2:55
6. Dave Hubbard - Family Affair 2:34
7. Sugar Billy - Super Duper Love 3:16
8. John White - Right Off 7:40
9. Mike Longo - Matrix 5:17
10. Barry Miles - Little Heart Of Pieces 4:33
11. Johnny Coles - Betty's Bossa 4:34
12. Pete Yellin - It's The Right Thing 9:27


Mainstream Records is one of the key independent jazz labels of the early 70s, together with Flying Dutchman, Strata East, CTI and Black Jazz. Founded by legendary label man Bob Shad (who had been head of A&R at Mercury Records and set EmArcy in the 50s), the label concentrated on Psychedelia in the 60s before switching back to Shad’s jazz roots in the early 70s, signing a new crop of jazzmen fed on John Coltrane and Miles’ electric experiments. Thus was born the cult Mainstream “300 series” with its distinctive artwork and outstanding music from which this selection is largely drawn. ​Giving their chance to many young jazz players and a few old friends, Shad recorded some of the most exciting jazz of the early 70s, mixing spiritual influences with funk and soul. It is interesting to note the Mainstream sessions included many of the hottest session players of that time such as Ron Carter, Eddie Henderson, Airto, Mtume, Earl Palmer, Mickey Roker, Merl Saunders, Cedar Walton to name but a few. ​

Shad also had a long-standing association with jazz divas showcased here with the opening track by Sarah Vaughan, a funkyfied version of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Inner City Blues’ recorded the same year as the original in 1971. ​Mainstream Funk also includes a selection of superb tracks by young turks who’d cut their teeth as sidemen for Blue Note and Prestige in the late 60s and were given a chance to record their own music on Mainstream. Buddy Terry’s ‘Quiet Afternoon’, Dave Hubbard’s ‘Family Affair’ and LaMont Johnson’s ‘M’Bassa’ are prime examples showcasing the label’s desire to give these talented newcomers a chance to shine. ​Seasoned musicians from the Be Bop scene were also welcome, such as trumpetists Blue Mitchell – who’d released a string of great albums for Riverside and Blue Note in the late 50s and 60s – and Johnny Coles who’d played with Gil Evans (he’s on a few Evans-produced Miles albums including ‘Sketches of Spain’), Charles Mingus and Herbie Hancock. ​Bob Shad also released pure soul music on the label such as Sugar Billy’s “Super Duper Love” which was released on his Fast Track sub-label in 1974, arranged by Jimmy Roach and featuring Marcus Belgrave in the line-up. Mainstream Records has a lot more exciting music in the vaults and Mainstream Funk is just the tip of the iceberg serving as a timely reminder that Bob Shad’s taste as a producer and A&R man was one of the finest on the scene.

Compilation parue le 28 janvier 2022 sur le label Français WEWANTSOUNDS.


Très bonne compilation. {resp@ct#
Et bien sûr des dépendances sonores, comme toujours : 'les goûts et les couleurs'... hein ! :D

Mainstream Funk - Funk, Soul, Spiritual Jazz 1971-75
Produced by Bob Shad's Mainstream Records!

Sarah Vaughan_1971_"Inner City Blues" (A1) / (N°1)

Issu de l'album : A Time In My Life (Mainstream Records MRL-340 / MRL 340, 1971)
Titre magistral et intemporel : la version originale, à la fois délicate, douce, tendre, émouvante :arrow: ICI... CHUUUT, DIAMANT SONORE FACETTÉ . :;;;,,,_

Blue Mitchell_1973_"Last Tango In Paris" (B1) / (N°3) :drunk:

Issu de l'album : The Last Tango=Blues (Mainstream Records MRL 392, 1973)
Un je ne sais quoi me plait dans ce titre.

LaMont Johnson_1972_"M'Bassa" (B2) / (N°4) :djumbe: :trumpet"

Issu de l'album : Sun, Moon And Stars (Mainstream Records MRL 328, 1972).
De la chaleur et du soleil, un véritable voyage vers un ailleurs chaud, ensoleillé, limite un visuel de carnaval, Nouvelle-Orléans ? Brésil ? Les îles ?

Prophecy_1975_"Betcha Can't Guess My Sign" (B3) / (N°5) :cot: :kelly: :dling:

Un tacle direct dans le FUNK, celui qui ferait se rouler par terre, devenir autre, transe, transe, je vous dis... "Betcha Can't Guess My Sign", :weeeehhh: une atmophère prêche vaudou ??? Non ??? :batsmil: :mrgreen:

Sugar Billy_1975_"Super Duper Love" (C1) / (N°7) :drunk: :afro: :drunk:

Je pensais que l'album Super Duper Love (Fast Track FTS 601, 1975) figurait sur le forum. :scratch:
Une perle que ce titre sur lequel le chant me capte totalement, un timbre touchant.

John White_1971_"Right Off" (C2) / (N°8) :love1: :clown:

Issu de l'album éponyme de John White : (Mainstream Records MRL 330, 1971)
Sensation d'une ritournelle, c'est d'un délice incroyable, je ne m'en lasse pas, à se mettre en boucle, MAGIQUE ! RE :love1: :mrgreen:

ENJOY! :afro:

"Music Makes You Move" : Funkhouse Express (1974) so... "HIT THAT ONE!" : JB
"They Call Us Wild But We Got Soul" : Wild Magnolias (1975)
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Re: Various - Mainstream Funk - Funk, Soul, Spiritual Jazz 1971-75

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EXCELLENTE compilation de chez WeWantSounds... un label réputé pour la qualité de ses productions dans les années 70's...
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Re: Various - Mainstream Funk - Funk, Soul, Spiritual Jazz 1971-75

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Très bonne compile et super article de ta part, comme d'habitude {resp@ct#
Spiritual jazz funky j'adore :afro:
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