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The Budos Band - S/T

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The Budos Band - S/T (Daptone DAP-005, 2005)



A1 Up From The South 3:26
Daniel Foder, Thomas Brenneck
A2 T.I.B.W.F. 2:40
Daniel Foder, Jared Tankel, Thomas Brenneck
A3 Budos Theme 3:09
Daniel Foder, Jared Tankel, Thomas Brenneck
A4 Ghost Walk 2:13
Bosco Mann, Thomas Brenneck
A5 Monkey See, Monkey Do 6:01
Thomas Brenneck

B1 Sing A Simple Song 3:18
Sylvester Stewart
B2 Eastbound 3:43
Brian Profilio, Jared Tankel, Thomas Brenneck
B3 Aynotchesh Yererfu 3:13
Samuel Belay
B4 King Charles 3:09
Daniel Foder, Michael Irwin, Neal Sugarman, Thomas Brenneck
B5 The Volcano Song 2:50
Andrew Greene, Daniel Foder, Mike Deller
B6 Across The Atlantic 3:28
Bosco Mann, Thomas Brenneck


Daniel Foder : basse
Bosco Mann : guitare rythmique, congas, cowbell
Tommy Brenneck : guitare
Brian Profilio : batterie
John Carbonella Jr. : batterie, congas
Johnny Griggs : percussions [Cabasa]
Vincent Balestrino : percussions [Shekere]
Duke Amayo : congas
Rob Lombardo : congas, bongo
Dame Rodriguez : tambourin, claves, cowbell
Mike Deller : orgue
Neal Sugarman : saxophone ténor, tambourin
Jared Tankel : saxophone baryton
Andrew Greene : trompette [1ère]
Michael Irwin : trompette [2nde]
Daisy Sugarman : flûte

Mastering : Don Grossinger
Mixage : Tomás Biosh
Mixage, Enregistrement : Gabriel Roth
Producteurs Exécutifs : Gabriel Roth, Neal Sugarman
Production : Bosco Mann (Gabriel Roth), TNT (69) aka Thomas Brenneck



The Budos Band


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Membres du band

- Andrew Greene
- Brian Profilio
- Dame Rodriguez
- Daniel Foder
- Jared Tankel
- John Carbonella Jr.
- Michael Irwin
- Mike Deller
- Rob Lombardo
- Thomas Brenneck
- Vincent Balestrino

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The Budos Band_2005_"Up From The South" (A1) / (N°1)

The Budos Band_2005_"T.I.B.W.F." (A2) / (N°2)

The Budos Band - "T.I.B.W.F."[/color] (LIVE, 14 sept 2007)

The Budos Band_2005_"Budos Theme" (A3) / (N°3)
Lien non trouvé

The Budos Band_2005_"Ghost Walk" (A4) / (N°4)

The Budos Band_2005_"Monkey See, Monkey Do" (A5) / (N°5)


The Budos Band_2005_"Sing A Simple Song" (B1) / (N°6)

The Budos Band_2005_"Eastbound" (B2) / (N°7)

The Budos Band_2005_"Aynotchesh Yererfu" (B3) / (N°8)

(LIVE, La Maroquinerie, 2011)

The Budos Band_2005_"King Charles" (B4) / (N°9)

The Budos Band_2005_"The Volcano Song" (B5) / (N°10)

The Budos Band_2005_"Across The Atlantic" (B6) / (N°11)
Lien non trouvé


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-->The Budos Band - S/T (Daptone DAP-005, 2005)

"Music Makes You Move" : Funkhouse Express (1974) so... "HIT THAT ONE!" : JB
"They Call Us Wild But We Got Soul" : Wild Magnolias (1975)
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