B.T. Express - Give Up The Funk

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B.T. Express - Give Up The Funk

Message#1 » 18 avr. 2017 14:04

B.T. Express - Give Up The Funk (The B.T. Express Anthology: 1974-1982)
(Big Break Records CDBBRD0357, 2017)



CD 1
1-1 Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)
1-2 Express
1-3 Once You Get It
1-4 That's What I Want For You Baby
1-5 Mental Telepathy
1-6 If It Don't Turn You On (You Oughta' Leave It Alone)
1-7 This House Is Smokin'
1-8 Give It What You Got
1-9 Peace Pipe
1-10 You Got It, I Want It
1-11 Close To You
1-12 Happiness
1-13 Can't Stop Groovin' Now, Wanna Do It Some More
1-14 Energy To Burn
1-15 Depend On Yourself
1-16 Make Your Body Move

CD 2
2-1 Funky Music (Don't Laugh At My Funk)
2-2 Eyes
2-3 Sunshine
2-4 Shout It Out
2-5 What You Do In The Dark
2-6 Ride On B.T.
2-7 Give Up The Funk (Let's Dance)
2-8 Does It Feel Good
2-9 Have Some Fun
2-10 Funk Theory
2-11 Stretch
2-12 Let Yourself Go
2-13 Keep It Up
2-14 Star Child (Spirit Of The Night)
2-15 This Must Be The Night For Love


Production (compilation) : Wayne A. Dickson




Wikipedia reference-linkB.T._Express

Plus d'information sur le site du label Cherry Red Records qui édite Give Up The Funk (The B.T. Express Anthology: 1974-1982) via son sous label Big Breaks Records (BBR).

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B.T. Express - "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)" (titre 1-1)

B.T. Express - "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)3 @ SOUL TRAIN

B.T. Express - "Express" (titre 1-2)

B.T. Express - "Mental Telepathy" (titre 1-5) :love1: :afro:

B.T. Express - "This House Is Smokin'" (titre 1-7)

B.T. Express - "Peace Pipe" (titre 1-9)

B.T. Express - "Energy To Burn" (titre 1-14)

B.T. Express - "Make Your Body Move" (titre 1-16)


B.T. Express - "Funky Music (Don't Laugh At My Funk)" (titre 2-1)

B.T. Express - "Ride On B.T." (titre 2-6)

B.T. Express - "Give Up The Funk (Let's Dance)" (titre 2-7)

B.T. Express - "Does It Feel Good" (titre 2-8)

B.T. Express - "Funk Theory" (titre 2-10)

B.T. Express - "Let Yourself Go" (titre 2-12)

B.T. Express - "Keep It Up" (titre 2-13)


B.T. Express sur Funk-O-Logy

-->B.T. Express - Give Up The Funk (The B.T. Express Anthology: 1974-1982) (BBR CDBBRD0357, 2017)
"They Call Us Wild But We Got Soul" : Wild Magnolias (1975)

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    Re: B.T. Express - Give Up The Funk

    Message#2 » 19 avr. 2017 19:52

    un peu déçu que le label BBR sous la direction de Wayne Dickson se concentre ces temps derniers uniquement sur des compilations... ce sous label de Cherry Red était justement réputé pour ses réédition d albums en version Expanded ...

    :D bon concernant la discographie de BT Express ... évidement Bluesy , je suis déjà équipé en réédition CD ;)


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