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Osaka Monaurail ft. Casey Malone – Whole Lot Of Lovin' / (Instr.)

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Osaka Monaurail ft. Casey Malone – Whole Lot Of Lovin' / (Instr.)

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Osaka Monaurail ft. Casey Malone – Whole Lot Of Lovin' / (Instr.)
(Ubiquity Recordings UR-7412, 2022)



A Whole Lot Of Lovin' 2:23
(Ted Wright)

B Whole Lot Of Lovin' [Instrumental] 2:20
(Ted Wright)


Casey Malone : chant
Osaka Monaurail : musiciens


For 30 years, Osaka Monaurail has been on a global mission to preach the gospel of the book of soul. And now Japan’s greatest little funk orchestra is back with not just one but two brand new burners that will put a strut in your walk and make you feel the hairs standing up on your neck. More than a decade after their collaboration with James Brown’s Soulsister Number One Marva Whitney, the group has once again teamed up with a singer – L.A.’s alluring and uniquely expressive Casey Malone.

Together, Malone and the tightly-drilled 10-piece band led by singer, keyboardist and producer Ryo Nakata breathe new life into two monster hits of 1960s soul; “Do You Really Want To Rescue Me,” written by James Brown and his saxophonist-collaborator Nat Jones and first recorded by back-up singer Elsie Mae; and Fats Domino’s “Whole Lot of Lovin’.” The Monaurail’s hard-driving interlocking rhythms, their short melodic and rhythmic phrases, and the bluesy harmonic vocabulary help to make these two pieces quintessential funk, complemented by Malone who, much like jazz icon Billie Holiday, uses her voice as an expressive musical instrument, bending and glissing notes like a horn player, commanding attention not with forcefulness, but with reluctance.

These two new singles came about at the behest of Ubiquity’s founder Michael McFadin who had been busy coming up with ideas on who to pair with Malone after the release of her debut single “Hey Amerika.” He reached out to DJ Pari, Marva Whitney’s former manager and producer, who made the connection with the mighty Monaurail – and the rest, as they say, is history. “When I heard about the opportunity to cut some tunes with the legendary Osaka Monaurail I was over the moon,” Malone says. “It was truly an honor to share sound waves with the band.”

Osaka Monaurail and Casey Malone went on a singular mission to come up with the tightest collaboration in recent years between Japan’s top funk export and one the genre’s new protagonists based in the funk’s homeland. Without a doubt, here is indisputable proof of that achievement. Play these jams to any permanent pressed squares in your cribs or dancefloors, and watch them turn into jive dancin’ live wires! 

paraît le 2 décembre 2022


Osaka Monaurail ft. Casey Malone_2022_"Whole Lot Of Lovin'" [Vocal]

La version originale
Elsie Mae_1964_"Whole Lot Of Lovin'" (Smash Records S-1953)




-->Osaka Monaurail – Riptide (Unique UNIQ208-1, 2014)


-->Osaka Monaurail ft. Casey Malone - "Do You Really Want To Rescue Me" / Instr.
(Ubiquity UR-7411, 2022)

-->Osaka Monaurail ft. Casey Malone - "Whole Lot Of Lovin'" / Instr. (Ubiquity UR-7412, 2022)

"Music Makes You Move" : Funkhouse Express (1974) so... "HIT THAT ONE!" : JB
"They Call Us Wild But We Got Soul" : Wild Magnolias (1975)
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