Jus' Us – There's Got To Be Some Changes / Don't Stop Smiling

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Jus' Us – There's Got To Be Some Changes / Don't Stop Smiling

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Jus' Us – There's Got To Be Some Changes / Don't Stop Smiling
(Verdam Records V-7444, 1974)

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A There's Got To Be Some Changes 3:30
(Jus' Us)

B Don't Stop Smiling 3:35
(Jus' Us)


Production : Ivy Weaver


Jus' Us


NUMERO GROUP a écrit :
Thomas McGee had one foot out of Grand Rapids when he stumbled into Saginaw’s Golden Glow banquet hall and an Akron, Ohio, stage band called Jus’ Us. Formed around the brass nucleus of Greg Stocks, Tommy Montgomery, and Kenny Pierce, the band got serious after their Buckeye brethren The Ohio Players broke nationally. After adding childhood friends Ed Neal on keyboards and Veniore Robinson on drums, David Holmes was tasked to play bass behind the vocal stylings of Marvin Gibson. Jus’ Us was Ed Neal’s cool way of naming this gang of perennial friends.

McGee tracked their 1973 theme song “Just Us Together” as a demo for Philly International, but the deal never materialized and the song snuck out on Greg Stock’s own one-of Anthonette label. A follow up appeared on Akron’s Verdam imprint in ’74, but neither “Don’t Stop Smiling” nor “There’s Got To Be Some Changes” pushed beyond Ohio’s border. A make or break gamble in L.A. splintered the group, with competing factions performing regularly The Total Experience and Maverick Flats before returning home in 1976. It took Thomas McGee a few more years to break out of Grand Rapids, heading west with an album and half-a- dozen brilliant singles in his suitcase, lured by the same promise of hits, easy money, and endless summers that Los Angeles has been peddling for the last century.

"Don't Stop Smiling" (B) parait sur la compilation :
:arrow: Various ‎– Local Customs: Pressed At Boddie (Numero Group 035 1/2, 2011)


Face A

Jus' Us_1974_"There's Got To Be Some Changes" Image :afro: :yeahhh: Image


Face B

Jus' Us_1974_"Don't Stop Smiling"


Jus' Us sur Funk-O-Logy


-->Jus' Us - "Jus' Us Together" (Annthonette 44-4751, 44-4752, 1973)

-->Jus' Us - "There's Got To Be Some Changes" / "Don't Stop Smiling" (Verdam V-7444, 1974)

-->Jus' Us - "Jus' Us Together" (Numero Group 5575, 2021)

Tommy McGee sur Funk-O-Logy

-->Tommy McGee, The TMG's ‎– I'm A Stranger (Numero Group NUM076, 2020)

"Music Makes You Move" : Funkhouse Express (1974) so... "HIT THAT ONE!" : JB
"They Call Us Wild But We Got Soul" : Wild Magnolias (1975)
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