Lefties Soul Connection - Akathisia

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Lefties Soul Connection - Akathisia

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Lefties Soul Connection - Akathisia (LSC Records LSC 001, 2014) EP


1 Akathisia
2 Chum
3 Lepak
4 Bonus
5 The Waddle
6 Cheyenne
7 Burning the Cane
8 Bonus Skit

Our new EP will be in stores on Saturday 1 November. The EP is titled ‘Akathisia’ and contains six brand new instrumentals with the signature Lefties style: raw, dynamic yet soulful!

With Akathisia, we return to our roots of raw instrumentals heavy with hard hitting drum breaks, groovy bass lines, chicken guitar riffs and a roaring Hammond organ. Just like our debut album Hutspot (2006) the tracks were uniquely recorded live – without overdubs – using cassette tapes and a four track recorder resulting in an EP that oozes love for funk and soul.

Title track Akathisia is an instant classic B-Boy anthem due to the powerful combination of a take-no-prisoners break beat and a catchy organ loop. By contrast, the sexy and sultry Cheyenne wouldn’t be out of place in an Italian B-movie from the ’70s. The band is going on a rampage with the unadulterated funky Burning The Cane, while the laid-back song The Waddle sounds like a lost track by The Meters. Finally, both sides of Akathisia end with two ready-to-sample bonus skits for DJs and producers.

Akathisia will be available on 12” vinyl (limited to 1.000 copies) and pre-orders are available at Rush Hour: http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=79497.
The EP is also available for download in online digital music stores.


Lefties Soul Connection - Akathisia

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Les Néerlandais de Lefties Soul Connection annoncent la sortie le 1er novembre 2014 de Akathisia, distribution Rush Hour.

Bam ! ça tabasse et ça me fait penser à du Calibro 35, qu'en pensez-vous ?

Voici le lien soundcloud permettant de préécouter des extraits de tous les titres :


Et leur site officiel :

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Re: Lefties Soul Connection - Akathisia

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Égaux à eux-mêmes.
Oui, ça peut faire penser à Calibro 45, mais en un peu moins psyché. C'est davantage marqué deep funk dans l'ensemble.
funkiness brings you funk and happiness
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