Paul Kelly - Hot Runnin' Soul 1965-71

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Paul Kelly - Hot Runnin' Soul 1965-71

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Paul Kelly - Hot Runnin' Soul 1965-71
(Kent Soul CDKEND 367, 2012)


1. "Chills And Fever"
2. "It's My Baby"
3. "Since I Found You"
4. "The Upset"
5. "Can't Help It"
6. "Only Your Love"
7. "I Need Your Love So Bad"
8. "Nine Out Of Ten Times"
9. "Sweet Sweet Lovin'"
10. "Crying For My Baby"
11. "You Don't Know, You Just Don't Know"
12. "If This Old House Could Talk"
13. "Glad To Be Sad"
14. "My Love Is Growing Stronger"
15. "We're Gonna Make It (After Awhile)"
16. "Call Another Doctor On The Case"
17. "Stealing In The Name Of The Lord"
18. "The Day After Forever"
19. "509"
20. "Sailing"
21. "Hot Runnin' Soul"
22. "Poor But Proud"
23. "Soul Flow"
24. "Hangin' On In Here"

"Wow! We really grew to love southern soul singer Paul Kelly's sweet run of records for WARNERS in the 70s, but heard scant few of his earlier 45s – recorded for Lloyd, DIAL, PHILLIPS and the HAPPY TIGER label from the mid 60s into the early 70 – it's wonderful stuff! Hot Runnin' Soul collects each of these singles cuts, which run from swaggery soul with anthemic chorus and bursts of brass, to smoldering soul balladry, to some early MOTOWN styled numbers that break the southern mode bit. Kelly wrote most of the songs, with rawly emotional and completely impressive vocals."

Source : Dusty Groove : -

Le cd est paru le 27 janvier 2012.

Extraits : - ... -01-01.mp3

"Music Makes You Move" : Funkhouse Express (1974) so... "HIT THAT ONE!" : JB
"They Call Us Wild But We Got Soul" : Wild Magnolias (1975)
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Paul Kelly - Hot Runnin' Soul 1965-71

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Dans ma want list aussi :happyboy:
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Re: Paul Kelly - Hot Runnin' Soul 1965-71

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UP !

Ici les premiers enregistrements de Paul Kelly sur les labels Lloyd, Dial, Philips et Happy Tiger, des 45 tours et une grande partie de son premier album Stealin' in the Name of the Lord (1970). Ce dernier sera d'ailleurs repris deux ans plus tard au 2/3 des titres par la Warner sous le nom de Dirt.
Ce n'est pas encore le génial Paul Kelly des déflagrations sonores (de la Southern Soul meets Sweet) de Don't Burn Me(1973) et de Hooked, Hogtied & Collared(1974), mais le talent de compositeur et de chanteur transparait déjà dans ces gems.

Stealing In The Name Of The Lord :

Soul Flow :

Poor But Proud :

Hot Runnin' Soul :

It's My Baby :

Nine Out Of Ten Times :

If This Old House Could Talk :

Crying For My Baby :

Un titre du premier album non repris sur cette compilation, "Travelin' Man" :

Malheureusement pas d'extrait pour ce que je considère comme la pépite de cette période : "What's Happened To Me And You". :ouin:

Voici une biographie complète de Paul Kelly sur Soul Cellar
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