Monica - Chauffeur / Hold On, I'm Coming

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Monica - Chauffeur / Hold On, I'm Coming

Message par bluesy » 03 avr. 2014 19:20

Monica - Chauffeur / Hold On, I'm Coming (Athens Of The North ATH-001, 2014)
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Le 45T original

Monica - Chauffeur/Hold On, I'm Coming (M-333)



Pas beaucoup d'infos trouvées. :study:

Lu sur Kudo Records : "One of the rarest, most shit kicking Deepfunk 45s never to have been in your box, but that is about to change.
You will never find an original of this record; it's never been on ebay, I have not heard of a copy changing hands in the last 14 years. The last and possibly only copy was in 2000, It came from Gabe Roth of DAPTONE RECORDS fame, Through Jeff Silvermans (TRUTH AND SOUL RECORDS) and finally to Monster U.K collector Ian Wright who has kept it tucked away ever since. The only other known copy is in the hands of a reclusive collector who shall remain nameless.
I called Ian Wright and he informed me that in the 14 he owned it it had not occurred to him to check the flipside which turns out is pretty bad ass raw as hell sisterfunk cover of Sam and Dave's "Hold On, I'm Comin".
As for Monica, nothing is known about her, I suspect due to the sexy word play the record may have been sold at gigs rather then distributed but who knows.
More Sisterfunk coming soon. ;)
500 press, we never repress."

Extraits, achat : ici, ici... :afro:

Face A
Monica - "Chauffeur" :yeahhh: :afro:

Face B
Monica - "Hold On, I'm Coming" :yeahhh: :cool:

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