100 % Pure Poison - Coming Right At You

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100 % Pure Poison - Coming Right At You

Message par Revpop » 14 janv. 2012 12:52

J'ai trouvé un site ou l'on parle de cet album de façon élogieuse (note 4.5/5 stars) et où l'on peut écouter "Puppet On A Chain" en entier :

"Where do I start? I’ll start out by saying that this is arguably one of the most solid albums ever created (in my opinion, that is). The story behind this record is even better…”100% Pure Poison” was a group made up of US Servicemen, who created the LP while serving in Germany! That’s amazing to me. As I understand it, the majority of these guys were originally from Chicago, which will explain the classic, the cool, the quintessential dope 70′s lingo that laces this LP, here and there. Everybody knows, DC, NYC, CHI, PHILLY, LA in the 70′s had the dopest lingo! Back on track though, the music, the music stands strong, it’s a story-telling album for the most part. The most notable track for storytelling on the album, would be Windy C, which also happens to be one of the most killer breaks of all-time, it’s a musical journey through the inner city of Chicago. Aside from that, there is a clear balance of music on the album, love ballads juxtaposed by up-tempo funk tracks, works for me because it’s all done well. Finally, I just want to call attention to the drums on this record, for the readers interested in the detail of the music, please pay close attention to the timing, and the crispness of the drumming on this album…PERFECTION!"

Puppet On A Chain :

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Re: 100 % Pure Poison - Coming Right At You

Message par henri280161 » 20 févr. 2016 13:01

même si ce post date, j'ai à cette époque trouvé ce maxi de 2004 de Windy C "Kon and Amir" face A et Leon Ware "California" face B, la ressemblance est flagrante avec le St Germain " Shure Thing" mon morceau préféré, quoi qu'il en soit le Windy C est bien bon...
Trop bon tout ça.

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Re: 100 % Pure Poison - Coming Right At You

Message par bluesy » 07 mars 2019 20:11

funkiness a écrit :
28 mars 2011 21:56
Windy C
"Windy C" :love1: :afro: :love1:
Titre MAGISTRAL : je plane de bonheur, sensation d'être en apesanteur. :trumpet" :dling:
"Music Makes You Move" : Funkhouse Express (1974) so... "HIT THAT ONE!" : JB
"They Call Us Wild But We Got Soul" : Wild Magnolias (1975)

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in the jungle groove

Re: 100 % Pure Poison - Coming Right At You

Message par in the jungle groove » 12 avr. 2019 04:57

+1 Bluesy! Un bien bel album! :cool: merci pour le up!Un album que je n'ai toujours pas réussi à choper depuis le temps... il part pour de belles sommes malheureusement.

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