The Invaders – Spacing Out

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The Invaders – Spacing Out

Message par Dario » 10 nov. 2019 13:10

The Invaders ‎– Spacing Out (Duane Records DUANE LP-1101, 1970)



A1 It's Your Thing
A2 Lost Time
A3 Can't Get Next To You
A4 The House That Jack Built
A5 Look A Py Py
A6 Bossa Blue
B1 Spacing Out
B2 Where Are We
B3 Latin Lips
B4 It's Your Thing Part 2


Stan Gilbert : basse
Mike Stowe : batterie
John Burch : guitare
Sturgis Griffin Jr. : congas
Lloyd Williams : saxophone, flute
Ralph Richardson : trompette

Production : Jean Paul Salvatori

Hello friends,
in this forum I could not find this title, I do not know well if I was wrong in the research, but I thought to share this work of 1970 produced in the Barbados islands :love1: , a dark album damned rare to find, I came across this LP during a holiday in Spain and I did not hesitate to put it in my suitcase, I think it is very interesting in a latin funk key, what do you think?
good listening
Regards :happyboy:

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Re: The Invaders - Spacing Out

Message par Wonder B » 11 nov. 2019 20:31

Bravo Dario {resp@ct# {resp@ct# This is not rare but SUPER rare. I only have {resp@ct# the reissue from the 90's...
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Re: The Invaders - Spacing Out

Message par Dario » 11 nov. 2019 21:01

it's a real shame about the writing, unfortunately this helps to lower the value of the object. :ouin:

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Re: The Invaders - Spacing Out

Message par bluesy » 14 nov. 2019 13:05

{resp@ct# :afro: Du groove, du chaloupé instru rond et chaud. :trumpet" :whoosh: :trumpet"

Vraiment du bon son, même si vous n'êtes pas fondus d'instru purs, écoutez, car vraiment un transport groovant jouissif et cela suinte les 70's. :kelly:

Ah oui, pas non plus Latin à fond la caisse pour mes oreilles.
Vraiment TOP d'autant plus quand cela souffle en masse !!! :yeahhh:

"It's Your Thing" (part 1 & 2) fonctionne vraiment bien et à partir de 33mn49. :love1: :trumpet" :Astaire:
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Re: The Invaders – Spacing Out

Message par funkiness » 09 mars 2020 16:55

Holy grail !!!! :yeahhh: :happyboy:

Well done Dario ! {resp@ct#
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