Jay-Double-You! ‎– I'll See You Soon

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Jay-Double-You! ‎– I'll See You Soon

Message par kata » 13 déc. 2012 00:31

Jay-Double-You! ‎– I'll See You Soon (Talking Music 1-193224, 2001)



1 I'll See You Soon 7:41
2 Ever Wonder Why 6:38
3 Handle Your Business 3:52
4 Hurt So Bad (Short Version) 5:45
5 Oooh - Yeah 3:55
6 My Stuff 5:16
7 Getcha, Getcha, Gotcha 5:11
8 Funk & Roll 5:14
9 Hurt So Bad (Full) 8:34

Peut-être certains connaissent
pour moi une découverte qui fait salement décoller la katasphere

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Jay-Double-You! ‎– I'll See You Soon

Message par funkiness » 13 déc. 2012 00:43

Je déplace dans "Funk/Soul Revival" et met le titre de l'album dans l'intitulé :cool:
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Jay-Double-You! ‎– I'll See You Soon

Message par kata » 13 déc. 2012 02:59

Ah ouais mais si on chamboule
toutes mes affaires :nonono:

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Jay-Double-You! ‎– I'll See You Soon

Message par funkiness » 13 déc. 2012 20:33

Là où tu l'avais posté, c'était l'endroit des vidéos, images, etc... Je ne pouvais pas le laisser là-bas :cool:
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Jay-Double-You! ‎– I'll See You Soon

Message par kata » 13 déc. 2012 23:56

N' essaye pas de m' endormir quand on veut on peut Funkiness :cot:
Et puis mes messages sont si bien construits qu'il est quand même dommage
de briser une si belle alchimie pour un simple problème de case
Mais bon ça ira pour cette fois :clown:

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Jay-Double-You! ‎– I'll See You Soon

Message par funkiness » 14 déc. 2012 00:02

funkiness brings you funk and happiness

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Jay-Double-You! ‎– I'll See You Soon

Message par Wonder B » 14 déc. 2012 07:13

Jay-Double-You c'est Jim Wright, batteur de son état sur le premier album de Parlet et frère de Debbie Wright membre du même groupe.
Il est basé à Atlanta où je le vois régulièrement.
Cet album est mon préféré dans sa discographie, avec un gros son et des compos qui tiennent la route en particulier "My Stuff" que j'adore.

Je vous rajoute la présentation de Jim, avec curieusement des références à un certain magazine français de Funk!

"Many artists profess to have the proverbial "Funk" but few actually have the chops, the experience and the spirit to dig their hearts and souls into true-blue funk music. Jay-Double-You! is one such person." - Flagpole Magazine, September 8, 1999, Athens, GA.

Jay-Double-You!, a.k.a., James Wright, was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He began his destined path to work in the music industry by hanging out with his older sister, Debbie, while she performed as a vocalist on gigs throughout Michigan. Debbie eventually met George Clinton and was asked to join Parliament-Funkadelic. Due to this association, Jay-Double-You! was able to watch, listen, and learn as members of Parliament-Funkadelic would come by their home; in addition, Jay-Double-You! had the privilege of sitting in on many studio recordings. Surrounded by the excitement and armed with his first set of drumsticks given to him from Tiki - Parliament-Funkadelic's drummer, Jay-Double-You! learned how to play drums. As an adolescent, he made his professional debut as a session drummer at United Sound Systems. He worked for several years in recording studios with the likes of producer Don Davis and artists' Bernie Worrell; Johnnie Taylor; and George Clinton and his Parliament Funkadelic road show favorites, Parlet and Brides of Funkenstein. Most notably, Jay-Double-You! was the original band leader and drummer of Parlet, and in fact, was responsible for bringing the musicians together to form the group.

After his experience with Parlet, Jay-Double-You! decided to pursue a solo career, concentrating both on writing and performing. He established his own record label/publishing company, "Talking Music" (BMI) - under which all of his recordings to date have been produced, released, published and distributed. He has recorded and released two singles "Talking to Myself" and "You Know What She Said", a short EP "Funk for the New Millennium (If You Don't Believe Who Will?)", and a full-length CD "I'll See You Soon", all of which he wrote and produced. He has sold and continues to sell CDs worldwide on his own as well as through several independent outlets located in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Paris, France; Pittsburgh, PA; Cleveland and Youngstown, OH; and Washington, D.C. In addition, independent radio stations in Bridgeport, CT, Youngstown, OH, Cleveland Heights, OH, and Washington, D.C.; and cyberspace stations, are currently supporting his music. These are noteworthy accomplishments considering the fact that he has functioned independently and with extremely limited resources.

Jay-Double-You! is a natural entertainer with super high energy, attitude, and a strong stage presence. His last performance, at the 2002 Freedom Festival in Sweetwater (TN), was so hot that the next band chose not to follow (true!). His talent, determination and hard work have resulted in a fan base that continues to grow.

Jay-Double-You! has received numerous positive reviews in local publications and has been featured in several larger publications including, but not limited to, the Urban Network (Burbank, CA) in 2001 and Funk-U Magazine (Paris, France) in 2000 and 2002. Note: In addition to articles and reviews in Funk-U Magazine, Jay-Double-You!'s name was featured on the front cover of the 2000 issue along with Prince, Sly Stone, Rick James, and Curtis Mayfield; and his song "Handle Your Business" from the "I'll See You Soon" CD was selected to be included on the Funk-U CD compilation which accompanied the 2002 issue.

Jay-Double-You! continues to write, record, produce, and perform independently. Currently, he is recording. With the right team, Jay-Double-You! will be a phenomenon in the music industry! let the music speak for itself."
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