Exit - The Houston Oilers Mania Song / (Pt.2)

Uniquement remix et morceaux hors LP

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Exit - The Houston Oilers Mania Song / (Pt.2)

Message par funkysoulstory » 23 oct. 2017 18:56

Exit - The Houston Oilers Mania Song / (Pt.2) (Dal-Tex Records ‎LS-451, 1980)


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Re: Exit - The Houston Oilers Mania Song / (pt.2)

Message par funkiness » 24 oct. 2017 15:21

La part 2 est terrible. La grande classe! Découverte pour moi. Rien à voir apparemment avec le groupe Exit qui a signé le magnifique "Detroit Leanin".
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Re: Exit - The Houston Oilers Mania Song / (pt.2)

Message par silverfox » 24 oct. 2017 16:56

harbour (Discogs) a écrit : Formed by founding members of The 58 Engineers, Exit has its origins just outside of Houston. People were coming and going out of the Engineers lineup, but founding members, Johnnie and Lonnie Jones, strived to continue to making music.
Together, Johnnie and Lonnie Jones developed Exit with the help of the very talented Clennis High. Clennis is most noted for his guitar playing on the classic Tighten Up, by Archie Bell and the Drells.
Exit released three 45s under the Dal-Tex imprint, a label created by Johnnie and Lonnie Jones.
Exit also recorded records on the Bryant label, a name inspired Jones's mother's maiden name (Bryant). The Houston Oilers Mania Song can be found on both the Dal-Tex and Bryant labels.
The band performed with a lot of familiar Texas soul and funk acts, including many heavyweights of the time: TSU Tornadoes Joe Tex, Oscar Perry, and more. In fact, its members continue to play music to this day.
Unfortunately, Lonnie Jones passed away in 2007, resulting in a number of reunions with remaining members. Currently, Johnnie Jones and Clennis High perform with contemporary gospel group, The Gospel Engineers. In addition, Clennis High is still actively contributing to a smooth jazz project with Archie Bell in Houston.
Exit received considerable local attention for records like One More Hour, and also recorded two football-mania tunes for the Houston Oilers and the Dallas Cowboys.
source : https://www.discogs.com/fr/artist/2172399-Exit-33

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