George Clinton part à la retraite!!!!

George Clinton and The Mothership Connection (Bootsy, Parliament, Funkadelic, Horny Horns, Brides of Funkenstein, Parlet...)

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George Clinton part à la retraite!!!!

Message par Wonder B » 28 avr. 2018 00:22

Annoncé il y a peu sur FB, George Clinton annonce qu'il stoppera les concerts à la fin de l'année...

Tout est ICI...

Donc la dernière chance de le voir c'est ce 3 Juillet prochain au Casino de Paris!!!

If you want to watch the original master of funk do his thing, you’ve got one more year. Parliament/Funkadelic frontman/producer George Clinton is set to retire from touring in May 2019.

“This has been coming a long time,” Clinton says in a statement announcing his retirement. “Anyone who has been to the shows over the past couple of years has noticed that I’ve been out front less and less.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, who turns 77 in July, recently underwent pacemaker surgery. However, he emphasizes that the procedure wasn’t a factor in his decision.

“Truth be told,” adds Clinton, “It’s never really been about me. It’s always been about the music and the band. That’s the real P-Funk legacy. They’ll still be funkin’ long after I stop.”

Between now and New Year’s, Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic have more than 50 dates scheduled, including performances in Europe and Japan; head to for all the dates.

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Re: George Clinton part à la retraite!!!!

Message par FredW » 28 avr. 2018 07:35

Ça fait un choc...

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Re: George Clinton part à la retraite!!!!

Message par Phil » 28 avr. 2018 08:36

A 77 ans il a bien mérité sa retraite ! {resp@ct#
It's what's in the grooves that count

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George Clinton part à la retraite!!!!

Message par FredW » 28 avr. 2018 09:04

Une itw de Papy récente


Re: George Clinton part à la retraite!!!!

Message par WileCoyote » 04 mai 2018 11:12

Merci pour le lien de l'ITW, très intéressante !

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