Spinning The Story / Name of the Song?

George Clinton and The Mothership Connection (Bootsy, Parliament, Funkadelic, Horny Horns, Brides of Funkenstein, Parlet...)

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Spinning The Story / Name of the Song?

Message par Microsound » 05 janv. 2017 15:08

Video from the YouTube:

Disco: Spinning The Story (complete disco documentary 1:07:03)
Time 13:00 Whats the Name of this Song?

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Re: Spinning The Story / Name of the Song?

Message par funkiness » 05 janv. 2017 22:35

It doesn't ring a bell but what a killer track indeed ! Pure dope !
I want this too !

This doc looks great, never saw it before.
Thank you for bringing it to us.

PS : I will have to move your topic and merge it with our search topic "What's the name of this track?"
Here is the link :
C'est quoi/qui ce titre ?

thank you for your contribution
funkiness brings you funk and happiness

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Re: Spinning The Story / Name of the Song?

Message par Wonder B » 07 janv. 2017 00:36

Yeah I bought this documentary when it came out way back in 2005!!!
Not outstanding but pretty nice nonetheless.

If this can help you, the introduction reads something like this :


Gloria Gaynor Nile Rodgers (Chic) Earl Young (The Trammps) Giorgio Moroder Thelma Houston George Clinton (Parliament-Funkadelic) Kurtis Blow Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers) Remix legend Tom Moulton Karen Lynn Gorney (actress, "Saturday Night Fever") Mike Chapman (producer of Blondie's smash hit, "Heart of Glass") Michael Paoletta (Billboard Dance Music columnist) Marty Angelo (creator of "Disco: Step-by-Step"® TV show) Brian Chin (Disco historian) David Wild (Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine) Rupert Perry (former President of Capitol Records) RuPaul

Songs Included:

"I Will Survive" Gloria Gaynor "Never Can Say Goodbye" Gloria Gaynor "Le Freak" Chic "Good Times" Chic "Get Down Tonight" KC and the Sunshine Band "Heart of Glass" Blondie "Hot Stuff" Donna Summer "Disco Inferno" The Trammps "Lady Marmalade" LaBelle "Don't Make Me Wait Too Long" Barry White "Rock the Boat" Hues Corporation "Car Wash" Rose Royce "Rock Your Baby" George McCrae
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