Sidney Barnes à propos de George Clinton

George Clinton and The Mothership Connection (Bootsy, Parliament, Funkadelic, Horny Horns, Brides of Funkenstein, Parlet...)

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Sidney Barnes à propos de George Clinton

Message par Wonder B » 04 avr. 2012 09:22

Sidney Barnes, qui travailla avec George dans les 60's, rend hommage à son vieux pote...

Man I'm so proud of you G, after all these years on the road, after all the shows, the music, after all the hit records, after all those legandery band members that have come and gone. You're still a great guy, and an inspiration to us all. I may not see or talk to you a lot these days but I always think of those good times we had together and smile. So keep Funkin my friend and we'll funk with you to the end of the Universe.. Cause we are "One Nation Under A Groove". Go on Doctor, and keep doing yo thang.

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Sidney Barnes

Message par Wonder B » 04 avr. 2012 10:27

En plus Sidney balance une photo des Parliaments toute première mouture alors qu'ils sont encore au Lycée...



George est à droite évidemment...
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